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The Covenant of Mayors is an initiative born in the European Union in 2008 that has gradually grown to become the largest movement, on a global scale, of cities for actions in favor of climate and energy.

The signatory cities are committed to supporting the implementation of the EU’s 40% greenhouse gas reduction target by 2030, and the adoption of a common approach to tackle mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

To translate their commitment into concrete terms, the Municipalities adhering to the Pact undertake to present an Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) which indicates the key actions they intend to take.

The plan contains a Basic Inventory of CO2 Emissions to monitor mitigation actions and the vulnerability assessment and climate risks.

Sigeambiente supports the public body in the preparation of the Carbon footprint inventory (parameter that is used to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions caused by a product, a service, an organization, an event or an individual, generally expressed in tons of CO2 equivalent – ISO 14064 and ISO 14067) and the Plan and defining the actions useful for achieving the objectives of reduction and climate change resilience according to the European Directives on the subject.

EPC contracts

With the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) a “supplier” subject (normally an Energy Saving Company or ESCo) undertakes by his own means to carry out an energy efficiency intervention at an installation or building of ownership of a “beneficiary” subject.

Beneficiary, for the duration of the contract, corresponds to part of the energy savings generated by E.S.Co. allowing the latter to recover the initial investment.

The definition of the energy performance contract is also extensively present on Treccani, which specifies that the definition of EPC was acquired directly by Directive CE / 32/2006, which was implemented in Italy with Legislative Decree n. 115/2008.

Sigeambiente collaborates with the municipalities adhering to the Covenant of Mayors for the coordination of energy requalification projects for buildings through the activation of EPC contracts.

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