This is the main theme of Sigeambiente’s mission which sees in the logic of small steps the real effectiveness of the implementation of sustainable development.

Environment is a heterogeneous subject, which is related with all the sectors of the action of administrations, firms and individuals. In each aspect of human living, there are strong influences on and by environment. For this reason, it is necessary to acquire an economic sight, which is oriented through the sustainable development.

The local body has the responsibility to offer to firms and citizens a territory, which is suitable for their needs. The company and the citizens have the responsibility to preserve and improve what is delivered to them. Through the adoption of sustainability’s instruments by the local body’s is possible to influence the whole economic and social tissues of the territorial competence and so to achieve positive results for the future generations, too.

Conscious of this Sigeambiente proposes:

  • To elaborate projects: in order that a territory can show its potentialities and so can create employement, work, tourism, all based on the sustainability’s logic;
  • To develop management systems: we are convinced that management systems could concretely support the local body and private organizations in its managing work and supply some services of the best quality;
  • To collaborate with the local body and private organizations in introducing instruments of environmental sustainability: such as Green Public Procurement, environmental book-keeping, sustainability reports, environmental information, ecc.;
  • To create nets: the research of adequate individuals for the achievement of the projects (not only of environmental nature);
  • To find finances: conscious of the difficulties that the local bodies, above all the smaller ones, and private organizations have in facing them;
  • To train the employees and the citizens: because only towards this instrument it is possible to achieve seriously the its goals;
  • To give legal support: because the legislative accomplishments, which the local bodies and private organizations are required by law to do, become more and more complicated and, above all, difficult to be concretely organized every day.

Strong in the knowledge that the implementation of its strategy in any case involves influences on the environment, Sigeambiente makes environmental protection as well as the prevention and reduction of environmental impacts its corporate policy as well as the management of its activities.

Therefore, Sigeambiente undertakes:

  1. to comply with the regulatory provisions in force, as well as to respect the general principles indicated at the level of international law, with particular reference to the United Nation Millennium Declaration and the Johannesburg Declaration on Sustainable Development;
  2. to the wider dissemination of the principles of sustainable development and the protection, prevention and reduction of pollution among its customers, suppliers and collaborators;
  3. to mitigate the environmental impacts generated in the exercise of its activity;
  4. to the widest possible dissemination of environmental policy.

On 23 January 2009 Sigeambiente obtained the EMAS registration – code IT-001056


EMAS Registration


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