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The process towards the achievement of the sustainable territorial development can entirely be realized by means of the environmental formation. This formation, which is addressed to the territorial employees, administrators and citizens, will make it possible for them to share out a language and the instruments that are based on the same one.
The creation of this common knowledge is the principal and basic step towards the development of one territory, which needs to develop and become a protagonist of a change that favours its own community.

Here is what is possible to do through the environmental formation:

  1. to develop the capacity of planning and programme, which are oriented to the sustainable development;
  2. to implement innovative technology;
  3. to acquire knowledge and managerial capacities in the vanguard;
  4. to provide opportunities of professional growth for who daily has to occupies himself with managing the public board.

Sigeambiente addressed itself  to both planning and achievement of the formative routes, which are aimed at implementing the sustainability’s themes.

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Environmental Legal advice

The numerous accomplishments, which are bureaucratic and not, and in which the public boards are involved, concern the environmental aspects, too. Sometimes, it would be opportune to have a compass, in order to orient ourselves to the complicated world of the environmental law.

For this reason, Sigeambiente is capable of providing professional personalized services for the subject of environmental law, which are addressed to both local institutions, firms and individuals.

The services, which are offered, are characterized as being competent and professional in dealing and can differently be articulated:

  • to spend periodically the specific documentation of the themes of a specific interest (such as laws, decrees, directives, sentences, notes);
  • a legal environmental consultancy, which is aimed and very professional for both administrative and penal problems;  
  • scientific and operational organization of conventions, seminars and courses on  the environmental  subject;

to assist in the relationships with Province, Region, Ministries and European Union, and also to prearrange the documentation.

Check up environmental legislation

If you have doubts about the correct implementation of your environmental legislation by your organization, ask Sigeambiente for a check.

Our consultancy business provides

– a check at the organization for an initial analysis of the documentation and site inspection

deepening of the authorizations and regulations actually applicable to the organization

– verification of the operational tools in place at the organization (any existing 14001 systems) for regulatory compliance

– reference to the different outcome functions

Personalized training can follow the activity.

Upon request, a report is drawn up for the supervisory body. The activity can be a substitute for the legislative audit expected in systems 14001 and EMAS in Italy.

Compliance schedule

Through Sigeambiente it is possible to activate the personalized Schedule service. The service is activated following the regulatory check-up from which the specific obligations to which the organization is subject derive, verified in detail and on the whole organization. Reminders are then activated which are delivered email to the function concerned.

The service is included for customers of management systems.

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