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Environmental book-keeping

The environmental book-keeping is a system, which permits to catalogue, organize, manage and provide environmental data and information with physical and monetary unit.

The environmental book-keeping consists in the adoption of the instruments, which are completely similar to the financial ones, but addressed to the efficient measure of environmental policies, which have been putting into effect by a territorial institution. Organized as a book-keeping system, the environmental book-keeping permits to represent, in objective terms, the state and the varieties of the natural property, the interaction between economy and environment, the costs, which are destined to environmental prevention, protection and revival.

“The countries undertake to use the technical and political  instruments, which are available to take an approach to the urban management, capable of considering the ecosystems. We will have recourse to a large range of instruments […].We will try  to establish new systems of environmental book-keeping, which may consent to manage natural resources in an analogous way  to money, which  is an artificial resource par excellence” (The Charter of Aalborg, Chapter 1.14).

Sigeambiente is accredited to apply the CLEAR method.

Sigeambiente is capable of providing the local body with the project’s prearrangements,  which is addressed to achieve the  environmental book-keeping’s system, supporting it in its implementation and offering the necessary formation and assistance to its staff.


Ecolabel is the European Union eco-label  which distinguishes products and services which, while guaranteeing high performance standards, are characterized by a reduced environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle.

The ecological standards that need to be observed, in order that a product or service could obtain this brand, are determined by the European Union’s Committee for the Ecologic Brand, organized in specific subgroups for different products and services, and composed by representatives of various social classes (industry, services’ furnishers, small and middling firms, artisans and their professional organizations, trades-union, sellers, importers, environmental organizations and organizations of consumers’ defence).

The considered environmental aspects are: the quality of air and water, ground conservation, rubbish reduction, energetic saving, conduct of natural resources, prevention of global greenhouse effect, ozone coating conservation, environmental safety, acoustic pollution and biodiversity.

Ecolabel is an important marketing instrument, which has been recognized by the 25 European Union’s Countries (and also recognized at an international level), and it makes it possible to expand the client target and improve the productive processes, in order to rationalize the natural resources’ consumption. It is an important element of security for the customer from the point of view of the environmental quality and product’s performances.

Sigeambiente is able to offer assistance to the interested organizations for the internal implementation of the management system necessary to obtain the brand and to follow the entire process of obtaining and maintaining the EU Ecolabel.

Remade in Italy®

Remade in Italy® is the certification defined by the homonymous Association, which certifies the content of recycled material inside a material, semi-finished or finished product. The Remade certified products in Italy are recognized within the CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) required by the Public Administrations.

To obtain this certification, the organization is required to set up a management system that allows the constant traceability of the materials and flows within the production process, as well as the control of the suppliers and maximum transparency towards the relevant documentation. The verification includes not only analysis of the relevant documentation but also a visit to the company, materials, products and the production process.

Sigeambiente is qualified to carry out activities to accompany the organization to the implementation of the system necessary to allow the obtaining of the certification.

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