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Sigeambiente is a firm of consultancy for public bodies, social cooperatives and private organizations, which aims to collaborate with these entities for the design, implementation and development of resilience projects, social economy and environmental development and the implementation of techniques and tools management, which are applied to the achievement of the sustainable development.

Sigeambiente’s staff has gained its experience in the internal of public board, setting up the mechanisms and the dynamics. Differently from the other firms, this knowledge makes it possible for Sigeambiente to operate more efficiently in the local body.

The all-round work with local authorities and the relative territory of competence has led Sigeambiente to a comparison also with companies and social cooperatives. This mechanism of union and reciprocal institution / company exchange has represented an important driving force for the maturation, by Sigeambiente, of experiences towards private subjects.

Today Sigeambiente divides its work between public and private subjects, acquiring the best of both worlds and effectively relating to both.


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Via Foro Boario 8/b – 25124 Brescia
Tel. +39 030 13881226
E-mail: info@sigeambiente.it

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