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Green Procurement and CAM

Green Public Procurement means to choose a determined product or service taking account of the environmental impacts that this can determine in the process of its production, use and removal (so-called living cycle).

Green Public Procurement’s goal  is to reduce the negative consequences for environment, which have been created by the demands of goods and services consumption, in order to orient the choice towards similar products, but with environmental characteristics. This would make it possible to reduce the wastes, giving the possibility in this way an energetic waste.

Sigeambiente is able to provide the necessary support for the preparation of a plan for the gradual introduction of green purchases in the institution, supporting the public offices in the construction of tenders and specifications and thus defining the tools for monitoring and verification. Sigeambiente organizes training courses for the technical representatives of companies and contracting stations, aimed at analyzing the technical specifications and tools for compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM).

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