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Sustainability Report

The sustainability report, also called the social report, is the document with which an organization reports on its initiatives and sustainability performance (environmental, social and economic). In other words, it communicates its initiatives to protect the environment, the approach it takes towards workers, its relationship with the territory and the community. Communicating truthfully and credibly can strongly contribute to the reputation of the company and, consequently, to the results of market performance, increasing the overall value of the company.

The Sustainability Report highlights the results achieved and sets the goals for the future.

Sigeambiente supports organizations for the collection, coordination and drafting of Sustainability Reports according to the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines.

Environmental information

One of the main challenges of sustainable development is to act culturally on population. It is not casually that, firstly, the European legislator and, secondly, the italian one have pointed out the necessity of the environmental information, which is already considered as a citizen’s right and a public board’s duty.

The latest legislative trend is attested towards divulgation’s procedures of environmental data, in order not to imply the activation of the person, who receives the information, on the contrary, the activation of the holder institution, which has to achieve the majority of the possible consumers, apart from their specific request for being informed.

The other modality of environmental information is represented by the participation, that means by the possibility for the citizens and for who live in a determinate territory, to express their opinion about the choices that determine the environmental, economic and social future of the territory itself. This is a way of becoming conscious of problems, realizing the difficulties of the choices that needs being made. The participation of the citizens in the public decisional processes is the first condition of the development’s sustainability: the environmental policies have to be based on the exchange of social interested individuals’ ideas, to become in this way a sharing strategy.

The awareness of everybody’s role in environmental impacts is important for the change of social behaviours which aren’t sustainable, although this change of approaches (cognitive and  participatory) can’t happen towards an imposition of the behavioural patterns: it is necessary to be the population itself to decide the change of its behaviour.

Sigeambiente is capable of supporting the local body in its activity, in order to divulge and involve the population, and also to awaken that one to the environmental problems. The communication tools proposed include environmental accounting, the Environmental Declaration and the Sustainability Report.

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